Nature finds away to return and reclaim the landscape.

I just want to feel what its like, let it take over, feel part of something.

Release and let go.

Just stand still and look at this beautiful place.

Life keeps moving forward.

We don’t need to explain everything, just take a look and try and find happiness.

I enjoy spending time going out on a journey, a day trip, an adventure to capture the next photograph. I like to get as far away as possible then gradually retrace my steps.

When taking part in photography I escape from the real world and enter a world of imagination. Time to reflect, think, try and work out what really happened.

How did we end up where we are?

What could have been done differently?

I smile when recalling funny moments that happened. The less I think the more the photography takes over.

A major part of how I capture images is through walking. I get excited about finding new places to explore.

I try and capture moments that are timeless and magical. I stand back and view the landscape or the coastline, then compose my own interpretation of what I see.

Capturing images puts a smile on my face and makes me feel happy.

Faith is to be admired.

It’s connected to your life choices.

What you believe dictates your decision-making.

Without faith what have you got?

With faith I feel the sun on my face, I breathe in the fresh air. 

My mind feels calm.

My decision-making feels right.

My troubles can be explained.

I can talk to Buddha, how wonderful.

Each summer at Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire there is a 1940’s weekend where re-enactors dress up in outfits of a whole variety of people of that period.



Travel expands the mind and gives you the opportunity to explore new places plus learn about the culture.

This series of images is a record of the people I met and my experience of the places I visited whilst travelling around Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Situated in Birmingham's business district on Colmore Row. Modern Chinese restaurant, part of a local chain, serving classic dim sum and cocktails.